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Our mission with The Edible Bunch is to build and connect with a community through serving plant-based meals fused with vegetables, grains, legumes, spices, and fresh herbs that will satisfy your appetite accompanied with tons of flavor leaving your taste buds in euphoria.


Valencia was born in San Diego but raised in Virginia Beach where she discovered her love for culinary arts after taking a class her junior year in high school.

By her senior year, she fell in love and began entering into cooking competitions and gained the opportunity to intern at the VBCC (Virginia Beach Convention Center) as a meat carver. Within a few years, Valencia became a Pastry Chef where she began designing elaborate desserts and beautiful food displays.

Shortly after becoming a Pastry Chef, Valencia was invited to assist Barack Obama’s 2nd Inauguration Ball & the Delta’s 100 years Centennial event. Soon after this, she began to get the urge to venture and set off to Washington, DC where she began to learn the business of managing a restaurant by becoming a kitchen manager for Bonefish Grill. Summer of 2015, Valencia and her family took a family trip out to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, NV. It was during this trip when she began envisioning herself owning a restaurant catering to the late-night crowds with the delicious and soulful meals that she grew up with. It was on this very trip where she met Myles.

Myles was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada on the Historic Westside where his grandparents owned and operated a restaurant bar and lounge called “Chez Place”. At Chez Place, they were known to have some of the best southern food and entertainment off of the Las Vegas Strip. Myles’ father was a manager and spent a lot of time within him learning the family business. Unfortunately, Myles’ grandmother passed away and the family decided to close the restaurant when he was in the 10th grade.

At that point, Myles focused all his energy on football where he eventually played 2 years of college football in Southern California. Unfortunately, tragedy struck again as Myles and his parents were involved in a serious accident on their way back home to Las Vegas after picking him up which resulted in leaving his parents with long-term disabilities and eliminating his future plans of playing football. It was from this moment on, Myles became the primary caretaker of his parents and little sister, which forced him to re-evaluate his future plans.

Shortly thereafter, Myles took action and began working in the hospitality industry on the Las Vegas Strip. After a few years, he began to envision owning his own restaurant and recreating that magic he felt at “Chaz Place”. Prior to the summer of 2015, Myles had taken a few culinary arts classes and began exploring the VEGAS food scene as he still didn’t have a sense of what type of food Vegas he would want to serve. During summer 2015 while exploring the food scene, he met who would eventually become the love of his life, Valencia.


When Valencia and Myles initially met, they hit it off instantly connecting over their passion for food and entertainment. Myles and Valencia believed that no one should have to sacrifice taste in order to eat healthier as they always placed health and wellness before anything. So after moving in together, they began experimenting with eating only plant-based foods.

So soon after, they made the decision to fully commit by eliminating meats and dairy from their diets. This led them to become full-fledge Vegans and exploring different ways to eat meals that they love. At first, it was difficult, but after connecting with the vegan community and learning of more places to shop, they began to turn out some of their old favorite meals into Plant-Based meals.

With Valencia’s culinary background and Myles restaurant and hospitality background, they decided to start their own brand, The Edible Bunch.